3 Reasons Why you should not Ignore CBD Gold Drops Hemp Oil

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Not everyone is aware of the astounding properties of this plant let’s change that today,

here are three reasons why you should buy CBD gold drops hemp oil (cannabis oil) and why it will make a difference in your life.

#1 – Hemp Oil For The Skin

There are many studies which support evidence for why hemp should be part of your routine. Many of these studies have to do with skin care and as we all know there is a very large market for anything skincare related. To be clear, the skin business is a mind-blowing $177 billion dollar industry. More than likely you have been concerned with the care of your skin at one point or another.

The NCBI produced a study which shared how acne affects at least 9% of our entire population. While 9% doesn’t seem like a large number, you need to remember how many people live on this rock, then it becomes quite staggering. I guess without puberty, the bottom would fall out from under the skin care industry, but alas, it happens to the best of us.

Now to the good stuff – studies have shown that if you buy CBD hemp oil for sale online (cannabis oil) , your skin care problems can potentially be balanced out if used regularly. Scientists have uncovered that one of the major causes of skin problems is inflammation and the overproduction of sebum. Sebum is what makes your skin so oily which is secreted by sebaceous glands in the skin.

This study proved that hemp oil stopped the sebaceous glands from over-secreting sebum and they found it also produced anti-inflammatory reactions which prevented the problem from happening in the first place. CBD oil UK.

#2 – Use Hemp For The Neuroprotection

It never ceases to amaze me some of the facts I find about this ancient plant. Every time I sit down to write another article, I find another aspect about this botanical that blows my mind. It makes me regret not even thinking to use hemp products in the past. What we have to keep in mind is that this miraculous product comes from the Earth (Mother Nature), so yes, it has relative properties to our body.

Do you remember us talking about how CBD hemp oil (cannabis oil) affects the Endocannabinoid System? In short, this is an amazing, yet dormant, system in your body that becomes activated when introduced to this oil. Studies have shown that because of this ability to act on your ECS and other signaling systems in your brain, hemp may provide those with neurological disorders hope.

While I hope you never experience any of these symptoms below, it is helpful to know if you or a loved one are experiencing any of these conditions. Here are several studies which link hemp and neuroprotection.

Study: CBD (cannabis oil) given to mice for cognitive decline. This study was for Alzheimer’s patients who suffered from the quick neurodegeneration disease which happens in the brain. Not only did their study show that this botanical helped prevent cognitive decline, another study also showed how it helped prevent the neurodegeneration as well.

When you use cbd gold drops hemp oil for sale you are creating a maintenance strategy for your body’s future. There are so many people who have never thought about experiencing hemp. I hope these studies that I have mentioned will motivate you to partake in hemp, if not for the skin, then for your brain health! CBD oil UK.

#3 – Hemp For The Heart

Along with brain health, heart health is just as important. When you get older you begin to notice things about your body you never noticed when you were 20 years old. Things like cholesterol and blood pressure. The sooner you start focusing on what you are putting into your body, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Studies have suggested hemp benefits the heart and the circulatory system, and is also linked with lowering and raising blood pressure. In one study, 10 men were given one dose of 600 mg hemp oil and discovered it lowered blood pressure compared to the placebo, which was also administered. During this same study, scientists performed stress tests on these men, which is known to raise blood pressure. However, these men experienced a smaller increase in their blood pressure than without the hemp.

Taking the time to purchase pure CBD gold drops hemp oil (cannabis oil) to support heart functions cannot hurt someone who wants to start being more health conscious about their body and life. CBD oil UK.

In Conclusion

Making a decision towards this botanical means to experience an enlightening wellness for your life and daily routine. Why one would continually ignore making CBD gold drops hemp oil (cannabis oil) part of their life is beyond me. You have the facts, you have the scientific studies which support the benefits of this botanical, all that’s left is to make a decision. It’s not a question if this ancient oil will balance your life, the question is: will you choose to partake to begin the journey towards a more balanced lifestyle? CBD oil UK.

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