CBD oil for Pain, How Does it Work?

People who suffer regularly from chronic pain can tell you the stories of having to live from pill to pill, day after day. The psychological effect of being dependent on medication sets a grim tone and creates worry, anxiety, and even panic. CBD oil for pain management is a real thing, and it is working for hundreds of thousands of people.

Today, CBD or cannabidiol has become a household name which is a major shift from 5 years ago, when it was still considered just a constituent of the marijuana plant. Derivatives of the cannabis plant like CBD oil are being studied for their health benefits. The interactions between CBD and the body’s ECS receptors are leading to new clues and discoveries on how to improve conditions like chronic pain among others.

What Does the Research on CBD oil for Pain Say?

With CBD oils becoming more popular in the UK, there has been a massive increase in consumer research on the topic of CBD oil for pain. Current data shows that CBD oil for pain is searched for at least 17,000 times a month in the UK alone which is a huge jump from 20 monthly searches just 4 years ago.

At CBD Gold Drops we can use our own market statistics to speculate on the topic. The reason why CBD oil for pain UK searches are on the rise is that CBD oil works for pain management and mitigation. We know from our own customer base, our testimonials about our products, and from the thank you messages we receive from our customers. With this knowledge base, we will explore the most common types of pain CBD oil users are targeting with success.

What Type of Pain Does CBD Oil Work For?

Chances are, you have heard about CBD on the TV, or a neighbour is raving about the reduced pain they’ve had from using it. But does CBD oil work for all types of pain?

The most common Pain Types treated by CBD oil are:

· Chronic Pain

· Arthritis Pain Relief

· Migraines

· Sports Injuries

Why is CBD Oil for Pain treatment ideal?

CBD offers an alternative avenue for people who suffer from chronic pain and rely on medications like opioids which are habit-forming and could cause more side effects. CBD uses the body’s natural systems to mitigate pain levels. It also reduces inflammation to alleviate localised pain.

CBD for chronic pain relief

CBD works with the cell signaling system in your body, this system is dubbed the endocannabinoid system but is more commonly referred to as the ECS for short. Basically, the ECS is in charge of managing the body and keeping it in balance.

The ECS is made up of millions of receptors that all pass along information so the body can respond accordingly, the ECS is vast and its role is equally as difficult. Imagine one system that is in charge of every sensation of touch, including pain signals. If you’ve ever been injured, the system that tells your mind that you’re injured is your ECS. The system that keeps transmitting pain signals after the injury is also your ECS. The ECS is therefore largely in charge of telling the body how to respond to injury.

The body’s response is dictated by a number of factors, but in essence, the body knows when to reduce inflammation or reduce pain signals. Again, this response is partly done through the ECS.

Here is where CBD oil comes into effect CBD oil helps the ECS work better. Taking CBD oil enhances the ECS’s ability to control a situation like chronic pain and to even mitigate the pain signals being sent to the brain. This means that CBD oil benefits people with chronic pain like back pain in a major way. When you compare CBD with traditional pain medication, one is natural and non-habit forming; the other (opioid painkillers) are toxic and have side effects, no wonder CBD oil is gaining in popularity.

Further info on CBD oil for Chronic Pain

A 2018 study measured how effective CBD oil worked to relieve chronic pain. The study pulled data collected between 1975 and 2018 or 43 years worth. Further, the data was a collection of different types of pain stemming from different causes. The main types of pain were:

· Neuropathic Pain

· Fibromyalgia

Based on the information, the researchers soundly concluded that CBD was effective in overall pain management. Also, CBD oil did not cause any negative side effects.

CBD Oil for Pain from Arthritis

CBD oil for arthritis pain relief has been well studied and is one of the top 5 reasons why people use CBD oil in the UK.

In 2016, a study was done to examine CBD oil’s ability to relieve arthritis in rats. Annoyingly, rats are always the test subject but don’t be alarmed, rats share a ton of genetic DNA with humans and have for decades been reliable test subjects for almost every single live scientific study.

In the study, researchers treated arthritic rats for four consecutive days. The researchers used CBD oil of varying strengths. The rats received 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3 milligrams of CBD per day. In the study, the researchers found that inflammation and pain were reduced in and around the affected joints. Again, there were no obvious side effects.

The rats that received the lower doses of CBD did not improve their pain scores as significantly as the rats that had at least 6.2mg of CBD per day.

Interestingly, the rats who were heavily dosed at 62.3mg of CBD per day also showed no greater improvement to the rats that only had 6.2mg per day. This is important because there is value in knowing that we should only be using enough CBD to reach our desired outcome and nothing more. Cost savings can be had if you find your CBD sweet spot.

CBD Oil for Sports Injuries

CBD oil use in the professional sports world has exploded. There are athletes in almost every sport now being sponsored by CBD oil companies. Who would put their reputation on the line? Athletes who’ve found that the products actually work!

In sports, injuries are as common as goals. They go hand in hand. Play hard, and chances are you will have a bad knee or stiff joints. CBD oil can help take the pain away quickly. It is also used as a preventative agent so players can continue to compete at their top level.

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