CBD GOLD DROPS Hemp Oil (cannabis oil) and Drug Tests

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Whether you work in construction, transport, policing, the armed forces, or professional sports, you may at some point be required to take a drug test by your employer. As CBD GOLD DROPS Hemp Oil (cannabis oil) becomes more commonly used by those seeking respite from pain or mental illness without resorting to typical prescription drugs, people are becoming interested in the properties that it possesses and whether CBD based products (cannabis oil) could show up on a drug test.

CBD is one of nearly 70 compounds found in cannabis and it has no psychoactive properties. Unlike THC (cannabis’ psychoactive compound, responsible for the ‘high’ that smoking cannabis causes), it is legal in the UK when extracted from hemp. Because it has no psychoactive properties, it is not searched for on any drug test, and will not show up as a banned substance.

In 2018, CBD was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substances list, so it is also now freely used in sport for its neuro protective and muscle relaxing qualities.

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CBD GOLD DROPS Oils (cannabis oil) - will not show on a drug test

The legal maximum limit of THC in CBD products (cannabis oil) sold in the UK is 0.03%. However, the majority of CBD products sold in the UK, and all of CBD GOLD DROPS Hemp Oil (cannabis oil) , contain 0% THC content.

Drug tests that are looking for THC will not show up as positive after you’ve taken CBD products that contain 0% THC.

If you are likely to take a lot of a CBD based product (cannabis oil) and are concerned that a small amount of THC may show up on a drugs test, just make sure you’re choosing products with 0% THC in them.

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What are the benefits of CBD GOLD DROPS Oils (cannabis oil)

CBD hemp oil for sale is used to reduce seizures in epileptic children, muscle stiffness in MS patients. There’s also evidence (both scientific and anecdotal) to prove that it can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, stress, depression, and insomnia.

It also gets used by athletes as an anti-inflammatory in a range of sports, as it’s known to have properties that can reduce pain and swelling after strenuous physical activity.

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How are CBD GOLD DROPS Hemp Oils extracted?

There are several ways to extract CBD from industrial hemp, but here at CBD GOLD DROPS, we use CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is usually done with a closed-loop extractor – a machine with three chambers. The first chamber contains pressurised CO2, the second chamber has the dry hemp, and the third chamber will hold the finished product.

Solid CO2 is pumped into the second chamber causing it to become ‘ subcritical ’ – in a state between a liquid and gas. Then, the CO2-cannabinoid mix is pumped into the third chamber where the CO2 gas rises to the top of the chamber whilst the oils from the hemp can be collected from the bottom.

This is the method that a lot of professional CBD manufacturers use, as there is less risk of contamination.

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