You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that CBD, or cannabidiol, is a relatively modern invention. It feels like it’s only been around for the last five or so years before the boom in popularity. Nowadays it feels like CBD is everywhere you look from cosmetics to skin & body care, to vapes, edible treats, even your coffee! But it’s been around far, far longer.

Where did CBD come from?

The very roots of CBD can be traced back to Central Asia, in particular the Indian subcontinent, though it has been found to be used across many parts of the globe. Archaeologists have even suggested that it dates back to the first ice age and the birth of agriculture 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Back then, the cannabis plant, or hemp plant, was probably used as an early form of textile fibre. There is a difference between CBD usage and hemp plants, after all the CBD we know and love is not some form of clothing but a supplement. The first early signs of CBD use was around 2737 BC when a Chinese Emperor, Sheng Nung, drank cannabis-infused tea. In the modern era, hemp used to be considered as an essential crop, with notable past dignitaries like King Henry VIII who actually fined farmers for not growing hemp. Ironic given that there are many places now where growing hemp is illegal. So how did CBD come to be separated from the hemp plant? It was thanks to Roger Adams in 1940 who made the scientific leaps that isolated CBD from the hemp plant. He was later joined by Raphael Mechoulam who isolated THC from the mix, resulting in the CBD you’re familiar with today. Beforehand it had only been hypothesized that THC was a part of the plant.

CBD in current times

Since its legalisation in 2018 for many countries such as the US and UK, CBD is everywhere. Currently, in the UK, CBD is still being researched and is therefore only classed as a novel food group by the MHRA. This means that no medical claims can be made about CBD in the UK. But with the boom of CBD products that hit the market, many users have taken to social media and the internet to express their experiences. Currently, you can enjoy the effects of CBD in a variety of ways including skincare, edibles, oral drops, vape and more. Each method has its own benefits and works with CBD in different ways, either through absorption rate, length of CBD effects and more. Every day there are new methods to enjoy CBD with more unique offerings appearing to suit the needs of the modern person. At CBD GOLD DROPS our goal is to help improve wellness and the wellbeing of others. We truly believe that CBD is a helping step to finding the balance that people search for, especially after such trying times these past couple of years. What history can tell us is that we have enjoyed the effects of CBD for many years.

So, what does the future of CBD look like? There’s still much to learn about CBD and until more people talk about their experiences with CBD, there are many challenges ahead. For CBD to reach its full potential more recognition is needed. We aspire to bring you the CBD products you need to help improve wellness and satisfy your needs. Therefore, we continue to explore and create new, premium CBD products to suit everyone, in every walk of life.

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