Does CBD Oil Have A Shelf Life?

Are you wondering whether to use that particular bottle of CBD oil that you’ve found buried in a drawer?

Or do you want to make some bulky purchases for CBD products and wondering just how long they will last before you’re forced to throw them away?

Let’s cut the chase; like any other product, CBD oil will eventually go bad.

So the question here should be, what’s the shelf life for CBD? How will you know when it’s time to toss away that CBD oil bottle? And is there a way you can increase the shelf life?

We will try to answer all these questions in this article, so read on.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Yes, all CBD oils will eventually expire. When we talk about expiring here, we don’t necessarily mean that the oil will harm you or make you sick, we mean that the CBD product won’t taste or smell very good.

It may also be less effective, meaning you may not experience its intended benefits.

In other words, CBD expiry refers to a point at which its ingredients will start degrading in terms of strength, flavor, taste, etc.

The Average Shelf Life Of CBD Oil

Unlike a packet of milk that’s bound to go bad after just a few weeks, most experts agree that when the CBD oil has been stored in the ideal conditions the average shelf life of CBD oil is approximately two years.

Factors That May Determine CBD Oil’s Shelf Life

As mentioned, several factors will come into play when it comes to CBD oil’s shelf life.

We will look at the most common factors;

Extraction Methods

How your CBD is extracted and processed will impact the quality of the final product.

Of course, low-quality CBD products will degrade faster than high-quality CBD oil products.

CO2 Extraction Method Is The Best

This involves the use of pressurized CO2 to strip cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

It’s regarded as the best CBD extraction technique because it’s the cleanest (no harmful residuals are left behind) and results in high-quality CBD oil.

Unlike most other extraction methods, CO2 preserves the chemical integrity of the hemp plant, which equates to stable CBD.

When CBD has a stable chemical composition, it will take longer for it to break down, hence a longer shelf life. All CDB, CBG and CBC found in Cbd Gold Drops are extracted using the CO2 extraction method.

Other methods of CBD extraction, such as the use of steam may result in stable CBD but may yield less CBD as compared to the CO2 extraction technique. Low amounts of CBD in CBD products such as oils, edibles, etc. may mean a shorter usage.

Some CBD companies may involve the use of solvents such as butane to extract CBD.

However, this results in low-quality CBD and may even have harmful by-products.

The CBD product produced using this extraction method may have trace amounts of the solvents, hence interfering with the stability and shelf life of the oil.

When looking for CBD oil, examine the extraction technique used. Go for methods that result in a more natural CBD product with little to no chemical residues.

Additional Ingredients

CBD products will often have other ingredients in addition to CBD.

The ingredients with the shortest shelf life will determine the overall shelf-life of the CBD product.

For instance, if your product has a carrier oil with a shelf life of one year, that will mean that your CBD oil is good for about one year.

The same product may have flavoring additives with a shelf life of 10 months. This will mean that the overall shelf life of that product is ten months.


There is more than just aesthetics when it comes to CBD oil packaging.

Where and how CBD is packaged will determine how long your oil can serve you. This is because storage containers should protect CBD from harsh weather elements such as extreme heat that may lead to its degradation.

It’s not by accident that our CBD oil products come in frosted glass bottles.

Our bottles are designed to block out UV rays from the sun.

If exposed to UV light, CBD will lose its potency faster.

How To Tell If Your CBD Oil Has Expired

The easiest way to tell if your CBD oil has expired is by examining its taste and smell.

Even by looking at CBD oil, you can tell if it has gone bad. Expired CBD will often have a cloudy and murky appearance.

Also, if you notice that the oils have separated, this could be an indication that your oil has gone bad. CBD Gold drops bottles will also have an expiry date listed. (this date is usually 1/3 of the actual expiry date)

How To Extend The Life Of CBD Oil

If your CBD products are losing their potency too fast, it could be because you’re careless or don’t know how to handle or store your CBD oil properly.

The following tips will help you prolong the shelf life of your oil:

Keep Your CBD Away From Light And Heat

Keep your CBD oil in a dark, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help keep your product fresh, thus maintaining its integrity.

Don’t place your oil on a ledge near a window or an open shelf as this might expose it to heat and sunlight.

Keep your product away from the oven or stove. It’s also a bad idea to leave your CBD product in the car.

An ideal place to store your CBD oil would be a basement or a pantry.

Minimize Air Exposure

Exposing CBD oil to oxygen in the atmosphere will oxidize the chemical components of the compound. This may interfere with the delicate balance of CBD oil, hence lowering its stability and effectiveness.

High-quality CBD oil products will come in airtight containers fitted with applicators.

If your oils come with screw caps, make sure to open the bottle only when using it and to close it tightly thereafter.

Try as much as possible to keep your product in its original container. If you have to transfer it, use airtight packaging.

Can CBD Oil Expire?- Take Away

Yes, CBD oil will eventually degrade. However, it takes between 1 to 2 years for CBD to start losing its strength. So unless you’re very poor at storing your products, you should not worry about your CBD product degrading before you’ve used all of it.

The secret to keeping CBD fresh for up to 2 years is by getting premium products from reputable and quality companies such as CBD Gold Drops, then employing the tips mentioned above to store your product in the right conditions.

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