Why people have started adding CBD to their bathtime

Hot baths have been a cherished part of Finnish, Japanese, and other cultures for centuries, and modern science has confirmed that they have a startling range of health benefits. For one, they can help you breathe easier (both by boosting your oxygen intake and clearing your sinuses). They can also enhance your immune system by increasing circulation, killing bacteria, and soothing the symptoms of common illnesses like the flu. Some researchers even suggest that baths could increase the brain’s production of serotonin, commonly known as “the happiness hormone.”

Adding CBD oil to the mix can make a good thing even better. For one, it’s great for your skin: studies have shown it’s rich in antioxidants which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and minimize other signs of aging. It also contains fatty acids that can help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, keeping it moisturized and vibrant.

While baths and CBD oil both bring their own benefits to the table, they also overlap in one major way: busting stress and anxiety. Taking a long hot bath has become an immediately recognizable trope in movies and TV shows when the main character sighs and sinks into the tub, it’s a sign that she’s finally relaxed. This isn’t a matter of writers taking creative liberties, as there’s scientific evidence that baths do consistently have this effect: a 2018 survey by Japanese researchers found that over 80% of people reported “sensations or feelings of warmth, relaxation, relief from fatigue, and refreshment” after taking a hot bath.

CBD has also risen to prominence largely thanks to its ability to relieve anxiety.

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